Understanding how your physical and human assets interact in the business environment is key to driving sustainable change. Change based on the principles of sustainability and efficiency will save you time and money. 

  1. Green Star Assessment
    This internationally-recognized grading tool allows a company to assess the sustainability of their built environment. Reef Consultants are members of the Green Building Council of South Africa who are the sole administrators of this grading system in South Africa. As Green Star Accredited Professionals with a proven track-record of helping businesses improve their physical environment, we can improve the sustainability of your business. The initiatives promoted by this tool will increase your productivity and profitability. The steps you need to take in order to achieve a high Green Star rating will drive down your overhead costs through efficiency measures. Beyond this, you will get more out of your fixed salary overhead due to the fact that your workforce will be happier and healthier as a result of these interventions.
  2. Renewable Energy and Efficiency Interventions
    The falling cost of modular photovoltaic solar (PV) solutions has allowed many companies to disrupt what was once an absolute monopoly. The sun is one of our greatest assets in South Africa and PV is an affordable and stable source of power. Roof and car parking spaces can now be transformed into money-making assets. Having been involved in over 130 PV installations across southern Africa, Reef Consultants can help your business to benefit from this technology. By constantly monitoring the frontier of technological improvement, Reef Consultants are perfectly placed to advise your business on investments that will increase your energy efficiency and drive down your overhead costs. We conduct professional energy audits that allow us to identify areas where you could benefit from an efficiency intervention.
  3. Sustainability Workshops
    When pushing to improve the sustainability and efficiency of your business, your employees should be your greatest asset. The reality, however, is that they are often your greatest liability. Reef Consultants have designed a range of sustainability workshops that can be adapted to your exact business needs. Knowledge is power. Through the programmes and workshops we deliver to your employees, principles of sustainability will become principles of knowledge. This will empower your workforce to embrace sustainable behaviours which, in turn, will increase the morale and sustainability of your business and decrease costs incurred through waste.
  4. Project Planning & Management
    With an ever-growing network of business partners we are not only able to offer you the best new solution but also ensure that the implementation of these solutions are planned and managed professionally and to your requirements. With experience over many various types of projects and solutions we will provide a masterclass service to you.