Fundamentally, we are strategic business partners of an ever-widening network of professionals from the sustainability and efficiency industries. We have developed relationships with service providers who have a proven track-record of successfully delivering solutions that improve the sustainability and efficiency of homes and businesses across the world. Individually, we are professionals with years of experience in delivering sustainable solutions to a wide range of clients.
Meet The Team
With over six years’ experience in the renewable energy industry, Sebastian has always been driven by a vision of the future that embraces technologies and practices that enhance rather than destroy. ​​

Recognizing that sustainability is much more extensive than just renewable energy, he has embarked in courses of study that expand his expertise in the field.

Having registered with the Green Building Council of South Africa, he has now successfully completed the New Buildings and Existing Buildings courses and is an Acreddited Professional for these exciting physical assessment tools.

These achievements are built on the foundations of a first class honours degree from a top 50 UK university. Now part way through an MSc (res) with the University of Southampton—a top 10 UK university—Sebastian has demonstrated an ability to study, research, and articulate ideas of a complex nature. 

Sebastian Brogan
Physical Assest Director
I live my life by a simple philosophy that is best described by something my daughter said when she was learning to ride her bike:

"I think I can, so I have to can."
With a passion for improvement and positive change, Vernon has been at the forefront of many innovative projects and technologies and has extensive experience in the development of key solutions and the human factor therein. With over 16 years’ experience in leading manufacturing and development industries, including the VW group, he has become a leader in the identification, management, and development of the human asset, and effective and efficiency techniques around this and business. 

With qualifications that range from Operations Management, Project Management, and Project Design and Development, Vernon has adopted an attitude of continuous improvement and problem solving. Always learning, he has served in many roles including ISO auditors (9001 and 14001) as well as chairman of several business committees, which has made him an expert in assessing and understanding processes and methods, and the effective role of the employee in the sustaining of efficient systems and saving the business money.

Vernon Cunningham
Business Efficiencies Director
"Efficiency is the foundation of survival. 
Effectiveness is the foundation of success."